This personalised Fragrance Free Soap Collection gift set 100% natural handmade.



If you have rough, dry skin, avocado soap products may be the perfect solution for you as it hydrates deep layers of your skin to prevent water loss. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft every time you hop in the shower. It's also gentle enough to use on your face too.



Papaya soap is rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant that can reduce irregular pigmentation and stimulate collagen production. The soap also contains vitamin A, another important nutrient for the skin. It promotes the production of new skin cells, and may help reduce dark spots, blemishes, and scars



Collagen beautifies the skin on a cellular level. Contains both vitamin c and copper, they promote healthy skin by aiding collagen production and tissue repair. Honeydew melon is rich in source of vitamin c and antioxidant that helps to boost levels of collagen, the protein that gives skin its youth firmness.


This is a lovely gift for anyone who appreciates natural handmade cosmetics or people with sensitive skin as these are natural soaps made from quality ingredients. Ideal birthday, teacher gift, Valentines Day, Mother's Day thank you gift etc. Great for bathroom, cloakroom, travel or gym bag, no more plastic bottles.


This handmade  soap is made from quality, skin conditioning oils - olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter and castor oil. Quality soap with a good lather, plenty of natural glycerine makes it non-drying to skin.


Our products have been manufactured and labelled to comply with Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations. A safety assessment has been carried out by a qualified professional, to give assurances, that our products are safe in their intended use. 



The seller confirms this item has been ethically produced ensuring fair working practices


The seller confirms this item uses no animal product in any stage of production


The seller confirms this item has been handmade using only simple tools


The seller confirms this item has been manufactured without the use of hazardous chemicals


The seller confirms that no part of this product has ever been tested on animals

FRAGRANCE FREE 100% Natural Handmade Vegan Soaps 3 x120g