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Unrefined shea butter is so called because it has not been through the commercial refining process. Our shea butter is from Ghana and Nigeria and is the most raw shea butter that you can buy. It contains the highest concentrations of vitamins of all the grades of shea and is softer and more nourishing for your skin. As we receive it straight from the African villages is how we send it to you. The most authentic butter you can find.
We consider our shea to be much superior to the other varieties of shea, we import it straight from farms in Africa, where local people work hard to provide the cleanest most raw shea butter. Some are put off by it's colour, however, you will be instantly won over by it's moisturising effects.


Unrefined, natural shea butter has a unique scent that is only found in non-deodorised shea butter. Again, due to the pure and natural nature of shea butter the scent varies from batch to batch. Just as no two sheanuts are alike, each pot of shea butter will be different. As always with natural, unrefined products we just have to accept what Mother Earth gives us! The scent of shea butter is best described as nutty, fruity or smoky and the fresher the shea butter is, the stronger the scent. Some people find the scent of shea butter overpowering, our advice in this instance is to leave the shea butter uncovered for a few days and change the container and the scent will start to fade.  

SHEA BUTTER Grade A, Organic, Unrefined 330g for Sensitive Skin, Eczema,

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